road leading into Rafina Greece

The location of Villa Rafina in Greece

Where is Rafina in mainland Greece?

Rafina is a town on the east coast of mainland Greece. It is a ferry port where one may catch a ferry to certain Greek Islands such as Evia.


The harbour is a busy place with a huge car park and a waterfront that is popular as a place for an evening stroll. There are fish shops and fish restaurants facing the harbour. More about Rafina below:


Eateries for nights out in Rafina
Everyone likes to eat out on holiday


There are many restaurants in Rafina serving a variety of food. Some specialise in seafood, others in grilled meats and others in foods cooked in the oven. Live music can be heard on Tuesday nights after 10pm in Limeni, a taverna on the square and in the very smart Stage Musicafe, also on the square.

Greek specialities served by Rafina restaurants:

Grilled sardines
Kalamari (deep-fried squid)
Red Mullet
Mussels with risotto
Zouzoukakia: meatballs poached in a tomato sauce
Paidakia: grilled lamb chops
Imam: aubergines and potatoes slow-cooked in the oven
Saganaki: fried cheese
Lakano dolmades: cabbage leaves stuffed with mince meat
Arnaki fourno: lamb slow roasted in the oven.
Kokoras kokkino: cockerel roasted with red wine

Of course, there are many more wonderful dishes available. Greek is famous for its high-quality produce. Greek housewives demand fresh vegetables with flavour and good quality meat. The salads and olives are amongst the best available anywhere in the world. Local wine is inexpensive in traditional restaurants and can be ordered by the half litre or litre.

Greeks also enjoy a good cup of coffee and the Rafina has a number of elegant cafes. Greek may take many hours over a cup of coffee, chatting and watching the world go by. In the summer iced coffees (Frappe) are popular. The cafes also sell sweet treats like ice cream sundaes, chocolate soufflé, apple pie and walnut cake. The Avra Hotel has a glass-fronted café open to non-residents which is a lovely place to enjoy a coffee overlooking the port in all weathers.

Travelling to the Greek islands from Rafina.
For a little island hopping


Ferries and hydrofoils leave from Rafina to Evia and the Cyclades islands (Paros, Naxos, Tinos, Andros, Mykonos). Evia is so close you can see its mountains across the water; the other islands are more suitable for overnight stays.

The best places for days by the sea

Local beaches:

Marikes Beach: on the southern side of Rafina. 700 metres long, sandy. There is a beach bar at one end. The middle portion of the beach can be hazardous due to remains of concrete defences from WWII under the water but at either end of the beach these have been cleared.

Artemida (Loutsa) Beach: this is a very long stretch of sandy beach. There are some beach cafes that rent sun-loungers and umbrellas. At the Rafina end the water is very shallow and good for small children.

Schinias: A very long sandy beach backed by trees. Some parts are organised, with sunloungers and umbrellas for rent. The shallow water is good for small children.


Schinia Beach a short drive from rafina


Nea Makri: sandy beach backed by lively cafes and children’s play area.

Rafina beach: small shingle stretch in the centre of town. Beach football facility. Very popular with kite surfers.


Summer outdoor cinema
A real treat


In the summer months Rafina has an outdoor cinema. It is a unique experience to watch a film while enjoying a beautiful Greek evening. Generally in Greece foreign films are not dubbed but subtitled into Greek instead. Therefore, you can still enjoy your favourite movies in English. Children’s films, however, are usually dubbed into Greek.