villa lounge with fireplace and widescreen tv, stairs leading up and down



The front door leads directly into the spacious lounge. This is a very large room with a marble fireplace, marble flooring, a dining table that seats 6.


dining table in the corner of the lounge


The two sofas arranged around the fireplace seat five people.

A flight of marble stairs leads to the upper bedrooms and a flight of stairs leads down to the kitchen/diner/family room and ground floor bedroom.

Please note that the staircase going up does not have a banister on the right and care should be taken with small children.

There are windows on 3 aspects of the room making it bright and airy. Net curtains provide privacy to the front although the house is not overlooked.

The only occupied property is to the left of the house when viewing from the front and that is mainly as a weekend retreat.