coastal Greece for villa holidays

Villa holidays for the best holidays in Greece

Find out why it is best to rent a villa for a self catering holiday in Greece

There are tourists who have fallen in love with Greece and when they retired made their permanent homes there. It still remains the kind of country that one can fall in love with.

Much of Greece is natural and unspoiled, wildflowers bloom prolifically and each new landscape is joy to behold. There are lots of fabulous uncrowded beaches, tavernas where you can sample Greek dishes and meet Greek people.

Classical Greece, of ancient temples and mythgology is very much a feature of real life. The ancient stands side by side with modern Greece.

Self catering for a group of more than 4 people tends to be much better value than renting rooms in a hotel. Instead of having to pay for each individual drink you can stock up at the supermarket and have everything your and your family may wish to eat and drink at home.

In terms of space, there is an entire house and garden at your disposal rather than a single hotel room which give schildren a good environment with lots of space to play both inside and outside. The villa garden is quite secure, walled with gates that you can lock leading out onto the street.

On sunny days you may wish to spend a few hours relaxing in the garden or you can take trips into Athens, to Marathon, to the centre of Rafina and anywhere else within reach.

Greek people are always out in the evening, strolling around the harbour at Rafina, stopping for a coffee or ice cream at the tavernas.

You could take the ferry over to the nearby island of Evia for more beautiful beaches and somewhere different to visit.

There are quiet semi-rural roads around the villa that are good for pleasant walks.

In the evenings, buy fish fresh from the quayside in rafina and grill it in the barbecue in the garden. Accompany it with some Greek wine and crusty bread for an easy and delcious meal.


views of fields of vines near the villa